Sunday, June 26, 2011

Juicy Beef Burger with Sauteed Mushrooms

Lately, we've been burger crazy, even at this moment contemplating on getting a burger just to satisfy our cravings despite having burgers twice this week! But what exactly is your dream burger? Big and juicy topped with cheese? The crunch you get from the toasted burger buns and fresh vegetables? The taste of creamy sauteed mushrooms and sweet caramalized onions? For us it's all of that and we know it's hard to get a really juicy burger around. So, we made our own; including our very own big, juicy beef patty.

Early in the morning, we stopped by the wet market to get our minced beef and fresh ingredients. We marinated the minced beef with three different sauces etc and after preparing all the fresh ingredients , slaved in the kitchen all evening sautéing our onions and button mushrooms and finally the patties, ensuring they were cooked to perfection.
Tummy Thrills homemade beef burger served with Potato Roast.
Ready to satisfy any tummy.

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