Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Roasted Chicken

Recently, I think we've been overusing the oven to cook a billion things from baking to cooking whatever. Simply cause it's so much easier since the maid isn't around but don't worry, soon the oven phase will be over (I hope). Anyway, I think roasted chicken is by far the easiest thing to cook (provided you've got your chicken all cleaned up for you of course) since you just rub a little salt on it and throw it into the oven and go do your thing for about an hour. Then voila, you have crispy chicken skin and well, roasted chicken.
Unfortunately, to my despair the only chicken available in the fridge that day was one with its head and legs still intact! Ah, the horrible experience of staring at the dead chicken with it's scary monster legs and look of death in its eyes (or whatever's left in its eye sockets). Then you wonder if you're chopping everything correctly and keep on turning the chicken around in confusion hoping that it looks like those chickens in the supermarket. Oh, what a tiring experience. Handling dead poultry should be a skill you write out in a resume.
Roasted chicken for lazy days.

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