Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simple things.

When cravings get the best of you, the simple things just might satisfy you. In Malaysia, I thank God we have little road side stalls that sell local delicacies like our very own type of doughnuts, samosas, pisang goreng(banana fritters), cucur udang(prawn fritters) and keropok lekor(fried fish paste) just to name a few.
I know for a fact many people love having their donuts from Big Apple or Krispy Kreme but honestly, to me, sometimes these local donuts are way more satisfying than the airy,expensive donuts! Plus, it's just RM0.60 for a good donut covered in castor sugar!
My personal favourite, keropok lekor. Crispy goodness with sweet chilli sauce.

So, anytime I need to satisfy my cravings, I just head down to the stall along SS14 where two men happily fry all these all afternoon (:

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