Monday, August 15, 2011

Soursop Juice

Everyone loves juice. Even better when it's fresh and it's good for you! Soursops look rather weird and scary but don't be fooled by their appearance! They have the most perfect balance between the sweet and sour with its velvety texture. It's not just their sweet,sour and wonderful texture but this fruit apparently even has some health bonuses! I read some where, that soursops help prevent cancer and even kill cancer cells? I'm not sure how true this is but hey, it's a fruit and well, fruits are good for you!
To get the juice, you could use a sieve and press the meat of the fruit with a ladle. Since this is rather time consuming, you could just blend the meat and sieve it or if you want the extra fibre drink it all. But do remember to take out the black seeds or you'll get a sandy bitter taste!

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