Friday, September 2, 2011

BiBi Chik Restaurant @SS2

BiBiChik is a little warm restaurant located in SS2 which serves delicious,mouth watering, halal Nyonya cuisine. It is definitely our favourite Nyonya restaurant serving simple but delicious food that can't compare to other Nyonya restaurants we've come across. Our favourites like the crispy brinjal and honey sotong (squid) keeps us coming back for more!
Crispy Brinjal is one of BiBi Chik's specialty is definitely the dish we crave at night and would eat it all day if we could! I still can't wrap my head around how they cook them so perfectly! They're crisp and sweet honey-coated wonders on the outside and smooth,silky and mushy on the inside! They're airy but oh I just love them! If they ever sell these babies at the movies, I'd probably buy them instead of popcorn to go with my movie!

 Petai Sambal Prawns. A spicy, appetizing dish.
 Chicken Curry which is just as normal as any chicken curry can get. Not too spicy and is a so-so for me.
Paku pakis (fern) with sambal belacan and lime. This Paku Pakis dish is definitely my favourite! I always love the unique texture of the Paku Pakis and in this dish with sambal and lime, you get a a sweet, sour, spicy but fresh dish of paku pakis. I could eat a whole plate all by myself, I kid you not.
This was our first ordering the okra with sambal belacan. It's pretty much the same as the paku pakis just minus the sourness from the lime. Should just order the paku pakis instead unless you don't like the paku pakis texture since some people can't take the little sappiness.

Pongteh Chicken. I find my parents always comparing pongteh chicken dishes between Nyonya restaurants first but I honestly don't know what the hype is all about. Yenn seems to like it a lot though. I  personally, somehow think it's just a normal chicken dish with potatoes with sweet soy sauce and well, a lot of oil even though there's sugarcane pieces in them. I'd much prefer the Seeyoh chicken cause the chicken seems to be smoother compared to the pongteh chicken which is a little dry to me.

Other Tummy Thrills favourite(not shown above): Seeyoh Chicken, Perut Ikan.

Restaurant Bibi Chik (Halal Nyonya Food)
No 17, Jalan SS2/30,
Taman Sea,
47300 Petaling Jaya.

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