Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Famosa Chicken Rice Ball & Jonker 88

A while back on my short day trip to Melaka, I finally had the chance to try the famous Melaka Chicken Rice Ball! Decided to try the one at Famosa Chicken Rice Ball located on Jonker Street which was one of the many restaurants packed with people. As you know, Melaka is filled with tourists everywhere, camera in hand and everyone's always looking to grab a bite! To read what I think about the famous chicken rice ball, scroll down!
 Their Char Siew was pretty good, really fatty too!
Wan tan was alright too, cooked just right without overcooking the meat so the filling was soft enough.
Alright, now to the chicken rice balls. To be frank, I didn't enjoy the chicken rice balls too much! It's what I thought it would be, weird. But yes, even with my preconceived ideas about it, I did try it with an open mind. However, it had such a weird texture; like clumpy overcooked rice and a little tasteless considering that it's supposed to taste like chicken rice. It wasn't even like ketupat,  Maybe this place didn't make it too well, but ah, I just wanted a proper bowl of rice after that! Didn't really satisfy me and I don't think I'd want to have another try of chicken rice balls.
Jonker 88 is a pretty famous shop here down Jonker Street and has even been broadcasted by Ho Chak. When we went to get some the line was already forming on the street with everyone waiting to get their desserts and another line waiting for their meals. Had a taste of the famous Melaka cendol there which was amazing! Ah, perfect on a sunny day! Ice shavings with good old sweet gula melaka. It had a generous amount of gula melaka and even though many were saying it was too sweet, I'd say what's wrong with an extra dose of sweet stuff right! (Provided you don't have diabetes)
Well, I know this post isn't much, but we'll soon be going down to Melaka to try out more food at different restaurants there! (Hopefully!)

Have a good week! (:

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