Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Las Carretas, Subang Jaya, Taipan

Las Carretas has always been one of our favourite restaurants to go to when celebrating an occasion. Why? Well, not only the food is great but the staff there are extremely friendly and fun too. We've been going to Las Carretas since we were young and even with their change of location years later, now located at the same row as Standard Chartered, their standard is just as good as before! The atmosphere is so interesting and colourful with many mexican paraphernalia's around the restaurant, giving you an eye full to look at.
They always serve you a basket of nachos with salsa while you order. However, this time around the salsa lacked taste.
Nachos. "Crisp Tortilla Chips Gratinated With Jalapenos, Bell Pepper Relish, Enchilada Sauce, Cheese and added minced beef." RM17.90 
For our starters we had the tortilla chips above which always has a lot of cheese, and with a lot of cheese, it is of course, satisfying. We had ours with added minced beef. However, you have the option of choosing plain (RM15.50) or even with seafood (RM 19.90).
Freshly flown in Pacific Oysters. RM34.90 per half dozen.
I really really enjoyed the fresh oysters here! At first we ordered half a dozen, and after having that first half, we decided to order another half. The oysters were really fresh and had that amazing smooth, creamy texture. Oh it was like heaven sliding down your throat! If I'm not mistaken, they will be serving these until March 2012!
Piña Colada. 
Quesadillas. RM 24.90
A tortilla stuffed with Monterey Jack Cheese, Onions, Bell Peppers, Jalapenos topped with salsa,sour cream and guacamole. This dish is somewhat light, a vegetarian option but you can choose to add minced beef or chicken and even mushrooms.
Lamb Shank, RM 34.90.
Braised with 12 Different Herbs & Spices & Served with Tossed Tagliatelle & Seasonal Vegetables. The meat is really tender and falls off the bone, but the portion is a little too small.
Boneless Smoked Short Ribs, RM 39.40
Carefully Smoked with Mesquite Wood Chips in its own "Jus" & Served with Steak Fries & Salad Topped with Italian Dressing. Usually, I'd have Fajitas but this time I decided to try something new, so I picked the Boneless Smoked Short Ribs. Made a mistake there since I don't really enjoy my meat dry! Didn't expect it to be so smoked and dry, but it does have nice smokey flavour from the wood chips. But if you do like smoked meat, then maybe you could try this but I don't think I'd try this dish again, definitely not to my liking.

However, the staff was really nice and were kind enough to offer me their available steak sauces to which I chose the Mushroom Sauce. Definitely made it easier for me to eat it though! (:
Wagyu Beef Cheeks (on their special menu).
Saving the best for last, the wagyu beef cheeks which they display on their special menu is definitely a dish we always order whenever it's available! Unfortunately, I think we were too excited and drooling over this dish that the picture came out blur! The dish might look small in portion, but it definitely has a flavour and texture that compensates for its size! Accompanied with potato gratin, the meat of the cheek is so tender and melts in your mouth. We really recommend this!

Las Carretas Subang Jaya

No 29 USJ 10/1F
47620 Subang UEP
Tel  +60 (0)3 5637-3058
Fax +60 (0)3 5637-3059

They have other branches in Ampang and Damansara Heights so head on over to their website for more info!

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