Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Brunch

One of our personal favourite Sunday activities is brunch. It's the meal that's in between breakfast and lunch, so you can still catch up on some zzz's and enjoy satisfying breakkie meals! It has to be heavy enough to sustain you till dinner (or tea), but light enough that you don't walk out feeling like a stuffed potato. Usually we would head out for brunch but today we decided to eat in and keep it simple. So, we headed to the Queen Victoria Market on this sunny Sunday and picked up a few sausages from the meat section, fresh ciabatta from the delicatessen and some chives to accompany our scrambled eggs. 

I watched this video a while back by none other than the great Gordon Ramsay and have always used his technique ever since!  It's an easy step by step video that teaches you how to make your very own scrambled eggs. Definitely worth a try. So, maybe next weekend, which happens to be Easter, you could impress a certain someone by cooking them a simple brunch. Have a great Sunday!

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