Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Little Bird Told Me

 Toasted Meatball Wrap with Fontina Cheese and Tomato Salsa.
Grass-fed Rare Roast Beef with Gruyere Béchamel, Dijon Mustard, Onion Jam and Rocket.
A Little Bird Told Me is a little café with floor to ceiling glass windows hidden on the quiet street of Little Lonsdale. I have been there a few times before and they serve delicious coffee, cakes and pastries. I found their pastries and cakes are a little overpriced for what you get, but you have to treat yourself a little once in a while right? The carrot cake and pistachio brownie are some of my favourites. The carrot cake was really moist and wasn't overpowered by cream cheese frosting. As for the brownie, it's fudgey texture is generously laced with pistachios.

Recently, they introduced a brunch menu, which I was rather excited about. Sadly, I was rather disappointed. It was very limited and they had sandwiches that didn't really wow me. The meatballs in the wrap were pretty juicy but it was a little too mediocre for me compared to other cafés. The roast beef sandwich was a little too overwhelmed with mustard. At least the sandwich was toasted well and my iced mocha saved the day. Hopefully they expand their menu further! Definitely willing to give it another go. 

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