Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sugee Cake

  So our dad has been bugging us to bake his favourite cake of all times, the sugee cake, ever since last year! He always tells us how his friend's mom used to make it when they were kids and how it was the BEST cake ever. Well, lets just say we got the recipe and it so happened that my dad's birthday was just around the corner (last Friday). We wanted to surprise him but it was a total failure! But he was still happy (: We can't reveal the recipe cause it's a SECRET recipe (;

I must warn you guys that sugee cake is not a smooth cake. It's rather grainy with lots of texture. AND it's definitely not a cheap cake to make! All the ingredients totaled up to RM50!
Sugee or semolina flour.
20 eggs! Yes the recipe requires 20 eggs! But that's all I'm saying about the recipe :p
 Skinny girl separating the eggs!
 Creaming the butter and sugar.
 Whipped egg whites.
 There was so much cake batter that we had to separate them into two bowls.
 We let the cake "marinate" overnight. 
The end product! 

I find that the cake tastes so much better after a few days rather than being eaten fresh from the oven. I think it lets all the flavours marinate into the cake (if that's even possible!).

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