Thursday, May 5, 2011

Breaded Chicken Breast

Cooking for one! That's what I did today. I decided to cook breaded chicken breast for dinner cause everyone was out and my boyfriend gave me the idea (: And from watching tons and tons of cooking shows, I've learnt quite a lot of tips in breading meats of all sorts! 

First you'll need to set up your stations! 
 Station 1: Flour (Don't forget to season with salt and pepper!)
Station 2: Egg (Beaten)
Station 3: Breadcrumbs 

To get the breadcrumbs, take a piece of bread and tear it into pieces and put it into the toaster. REMEMBER to keep an eye on them or they'll burn and you'll have to start all over again! Now we won't want that happening! (As you can see, my breadcrumbs were a little over toasted!) After toasting, put them into a plastic bag and start bashing them up. (Stress reliever!)
 Next, put your chicken into the same plastic bag you used for the breadcrumbs (Be eco-friendly!!) and pound with a hammer! (Another stress reliever!) The pounding of the chicken makes the meat super tender which I'm sure everyone wants. I won't show you the raw pounded chicken cause it doesn't look very appetizing!

After pounding the life out of your chicken breast, dredge it in the flour, beaten eggs and lastly the breadcrumbs. It might get a little messy but what is cooking without a little mess (:
 Heat up some butter. Add some oil to prevent the butter from burning.
 Fry the chicken till golden brown! 
My chicken doesn't look GOLDEN brown cause of my over toasted crumbs, so be careful when toasting your bread! Enjoy it with some greens and a squeeze of lemon! (:

P.S.: Sorry for the low quality pictures from my iPhone :(

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