Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hong Kong noodles

Something sort of oriental for a change.One day, we were just left at home on a sunny Sunday afternoon and since we were busy with work, we decided to make something simple and quick. A good bowl of Hong Kong noodles with pan fried squid, vegetables and fried egg. (:
 Sweet chinese cabbage.
 Squid all clean and sliced.
 Onions and garlic.
 A beautiful pot of golden HongKong noodles which kinda looks like Rapunzel's hair doesn't it?
 Add some sesame oil to the noodles so they're not too dry. Plus, sesame oil makes it smell heavenly!
 Fried egg cut into strips (:
Long noodles in chinese means longevity doesn't it?  
A bowl of noodles with different textures of the squid, cabbage and egg (:

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