Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Coliseum Cafe & Hotel

When we were just little girls, we used to have lunch at the Coliseum Cafe in KL with our grandparents quite often on Sundays. We distinctly remember the warmth and the mystery the cafe had, with it's smokey atmosphere from all the sizzling steaks. Oh, the wonderful smell of steak in the air tempting anyone and everyone who walked in! The atmosphere gives you that feeling as if a big mafia gang is about to bust in through the doors any second and start a commotion. Haha.

After so many years, we finally had lunch there once again one lovely Sunday afternoon. Once my grandmother stepped in, she just knew what to order and pleasingly, all the usuals were still on the menu. And with our favourite dishes on the menu just like it was years back --crab cake, caramel pudding- no doubt it was an enjoyable meal, bringing back so many good memories. Sure, a bit has changed here and there and the old man that used to serve isn't there anymore but the nostalgic feeling is still there and the food is still so satisfying!
The menu has so many things to choose from from Western to local to please everyone!

Just the way it was (:

Old furniture which really gives you a nostalgic feel.
 They even still have freshly squeezed orange juice for RM 5 which I truly appreciate since most of the restaurants nowadays serve "fresh orange juice" from the bottle!
 Their specialty for years, the crab cake.
 Lam Mee.
 Love having their Hailam bread with salted butter as a side to eat with the crab cake and the rest of the main course!
 Sizzling T-Bone.
 New Zealand Lamb Chop with Mushroom sauce.
 New Zealand Lamb Chop with Blackpepper sauce.
 Chicken 4 in 1 which has chicken sausage, cheese, ham and chicken fillet.
 Caramel pudding which is dense and simply toothsome (:

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