Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mango, Apple, Orange Granita

 Lately, the weather here in Malaysia has gone a little haywire. A minute it could be scorching hot, the next, raining cats and dogs. But since it's the heat we can't bare, what's the best way of cooling yourself down on a sunny day? Some healthy granita of course (; Fresh fruits! Mangoes, oranges and apples! Refreshing and healthy. Plus, it's so simple to make! Sounds too good to be true?

  The mango was the giant mango that we got from our little drive out of town in the previous post. It was too sour to eat, so we decided to somehow make use of it instead of just throwing it into the bin. An inspiration from Australian Masterchef (:
 1. Dice the fruits. In this case, apples and mangoes.
 Puree the mango and apples.
Old fashioned orange juicer.
 2. Juice the oranges.  
3. Mix the mango and apple puree together.
 4. Add the orange juice. And add as much sugar as you need.
5. Pour into a tray.
6. Put it into the freezer and mix it occasionally to break the ice crystals. 
 7. Use a fork to shave the frozen puree and juice mixture. After shaving it, it's better to refreeze it as it melts easily.
It's best to chill your glass before serving it cause you won't want your sorbet to be watery when it reaches your guests!

There you have it! Mango, Apple and Orange Granita! (:

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