Sunday, May 15, 2011


Don't you guys just love fruits? I know I do! The sweet flavours that mingle in your mouth and a total plus since its little glucose sugars are natural and are filled with antioxidants! Mangoes are one of my favourite fruits. 

One sunny Sunday, when we were driving back from Sekinchang after lunch, which is some far a way place in Kuala Selangor, we saw tons of fruit stalls by the side of the road. With the bright coloured fruits spotted from miles away, we decided to check it out. The mangoes there were bigger than my face! I'm not even exaggerating! :O But sad to say, it was sour :( Nevertheless, it was worth a try! Never seen such huge mangoes before.
Mangoes and Jambus. 
MORE mangoes, pumpkins, jambus and many more varieties of naturally grown produce.
They sold yams there too! 
Sweet corn! Love the green colour of the husks.  

They had some sweet corn boiling in a big pot and we got some (: The smell of freshly boiled sweet corn is always pleasing. Angelina's favourite vege :p

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