Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Han Room, The Gardens

Last Sunday, we went over to the Gardens to do a little shopping and had dinner at The Han Room. This restaurant, I'd say, is a good chinese restaurant to go to. Absolutely enjoyed the meal we had that evening and even though it came up to be a little pricey, we wouldn't mind going back there again. The service is great, the ambience is nice and of course, the food is good. In addition, (although not relevant) they even have free wifi.

For some reason, when we entered the restaurant it felt as if we were somehow transported to Beijing or China. No,there are no extravagant pieces or antiques from China itself, the restaurant is decorated in a simple manner. However, perhaps it is because it felt like one of the restaurants we've been to in China. Whatever it is, it was comfortable having dinner there and the staff was really friendly too. 
BIG Dumpling eaten with either soy sauce, belacan or sugar.
We didn't fancy the dumpling too much, it was far too sticky and gooey. Sadly, it was our first dish and it filled us up very quickly.
Fern with kerabu style. Known as "paku choi"
Egg with lobster, eaten with lettuce.
This was pretty good and creamy but I felt it was more of egg white than lobster.
Crispy skin of the Peking Duck wrapped in pancake.
Some of the Peking Duck, honestly one of the best I've had.
Definitely one of my favourite dishes that evening which was this beautifully steamed fish. Perfectly cooked and sliced for you with no bones! Can you imagine! Oh, no agonizing moments where you have to fish out the bones or where tiny bones prick your cheek and tongue whenever you think it's just about safe to put it into your mouth.
We had two plates of these baby chickens -how cute, just the size of my hand- which was cooked with chinese sausage,"lap cheong" and spinach. I'd say that well, the chicken tasted like "lap cheong". But still worth a try.
A noodle dish prepared with the meat of the Peking Duck which is really good!The whole Peking Duck set is just RM 68 which to me, is pretty worth it since I enjoyed it so much.

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