Sunday, June 12, 2011

Roasted Tomatoes and Pan Fried Chicken

I was in a rush that afternoon and had just an hour to prepare a decent lunch. I know, maybe an hour is ample time but hey, I'd like to take cooking as leasure and a therapeutic activity so an hour makes me feel as if I'm cooking in a restaurant. Oh yes, I'm aware that restaurants have less time but you get the point.

The night before, I saw some beautiful pictures of roasted tomatoes and that morning, I was craving it. I love the mushy feeling roasted tomatoes have and how sweet they get.Therefore, I sliced up some tomatoes, put them on a tray, put some onions,cheese, garlic and basil and finally, slid them into the hot oven. As for the chicken breast, I marinated it with some salt,sugar,garlic and soy sauce and pan fried them (: Simple and quick, though can be very tiring when in a rush!

Sweet, aromatic and cheesy.
Beautifully roasted tomatoes with juicy pan fried chicken breast on a bed of lettuce.

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