Monday, August 8, 2011


On mornings where it's gloomy and windy; or even for tea on a hot afternoon, scones are perfect! I always thought scones were dainty and classy! It is just so lovely when served warm with cold cream and jam. Many debate that this lovely pastry originate from Britain or either Scotland. Well, I simply do not mind where they come from as long as they are toothsome, have them with lots of clotted cream with jam and end up in my tummy! However, it's hard to find good scones around here. I found tea forty two's too dry for my liking but Berry's bakery has some pretty decent ones! Of course, the lovely Fraser's Hill and Cameron Highlands have good scones but that's a bit too inconvenient to get my scone fix. In fact, that was my first time having scones when I was a child!
Anyone have any other suggestions on where to get good scones around here?


  1. carcosa seri negara :) good place for afternoon tea! and their scones are highly recommended. Try googling it :)

  2. We'll be sure to try it soon (: Thanks! (;