Sunday, September 11, 2011

La Bodega, Empire Shopping Gallery

We've always wanted to try La Bodega and during Yenn's birthday, we decided to head there for dinner.  La Bodega is famous for their Spanish tapas with a warm atmosphere in their restaurants. Headed to the La Bodega branch at Empire Shopping Gallery which was a cosy place, definitely a good place for meeting up with friends. We were served by waiters always on standby for orders except however, their attention to refill water was definitely lacking.
The Caesar Salad
Somehow the standards of caesar salads around have dropped but La Bodega's I'd say is good. The leaves were coated with a perfect amount of dressing with croutons that gave it a little character with its herby flavour.
Linguine Alfredo.
This is one of the best alfredo's I've ever come across I'd say. The creamy alfredo sauce with mushrooms and bacon was absolutely delicious and I'd definitely go back for more!
Paella Valencia Mixta.
Paella de Pescado y Mariscos
Paella, usually recognized by many as Spain's national dish and I, really do like paellas. Both Paella's above are actually pretty much the same, both comprising of sea food which gives you the taste of the sea. The difference is that maybe one of them has the extra of saffron if I'm not mistaken which gives it a much richer taste with more obvious flavours.
Saffron Angel Hair with Pumpkin and Lamb Meatballs
The creamy saffron sauce with pumpkin and lamb meatballs must be my favourite. The meatballs were great and juicy and the sauce was a unique creamy sauce with a touch of sweetness from the pumpkin. It was hearty and delicious with some olives to give it a punch. Definitely a must try!

La Bodega
LG25, LowLG25, Lower Ground, Empire Shopping Gallery
Tel: 603 5022 2098

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