Monday, October 3, 2011

Xiao by crustz

Recently, we had a chance to try these beautiful creations by Xiao by crustz. So what is Xiao by crustz? It is a new online based pastry shop that brings you cakes, chocolates and pastries and such to your tingling taste buds. They offer sweet services to customers from beautiful customized gifts and boxes which is their specialty and even customized dessert tables for any occasion! {about}If you have a sweet tooth, Xiao by crustz is your solution! It's not just for your tummy, but eye candy too! Beautiful and edible.   
First up we have for cakes is Passion. Passion is not your typical cake as it doesn't actually have cake in it. The bottom layer is a biscuit base, followed by a light milk chocolate ganache. The orange layer is a tangy mango and passion fruit jelly. The tanginess gives this light but rich dessert a lovely freshness. Last but not least, the layer that holds everything together is the light yoghurt mousse.

Xiao by crustz has other cakes available too, Carrot Cake and Dark Haven.
 Lemon Mint Chocolates
These chocolates are not your everyday chocolates. When I first popped this into my mouth, I had a pleasant surprise! Handmade with care by Xiao, a dark chocolate shell coats a lemon jelly infused filling with a hint of mint. The sourness from the lemon jelly compliments the dark chocolate and the mint gives it a refreshing touch.
Xiao by crustz has a variety of macarons to choose from! Lemon Passion, Chocolate Crunch, Green Tea and Raspberry Rose.

The Lemon Passion has a passion fruit infused milk chocolate ganache with lemon macaron shells. The Chocolate Crunch has a thick chocolate ganache filling with a feuillitine ((fo-yer-teen) a praline textured with small pieces of crispy, oven baked pancakes) to give it it's crunch. This rich and flavorful macaron is a must try! The Green Tea macaron is necessity for green tea lovers as it's not too sweet and rich with green tea. Lastly, the Raspberry Rose macaron has a rose flavoured shell with a raspberry jam filling that gives it its sweet tangy flavour.
Drop on by to Xiao by crustz to fulfill your dessert needs!

Contact details:
Ms Koh Xiao-Ly
Tel: 016 2110 932

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