Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mango with Sticky Rice

Thailand is one of the countries that is popular for it's food with all their street foods. Every direction you turn you are sure to spot a food stall. But we're not here to talk about street food but their desserts, which are truly sublime! Mango sticky rice, thab tim krob (red ruby) and luuk chuup (a mung bean dessert shaped into miniature fruits).

Mango sticky rice is always accompanied with a coconut cream sauce with a touch of salt, which gives this dessert it's richness. The slightly sour mango cuts the sweetness from the sticky rice and the coconut cream. Basically, this dessert has a great balance of the sweet, salty and sour.

Don't forget the rule that you MUST finish off your meal with a sweet ending! Another excuse not to skip dessert ;)

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