Monday, November 14, 2011

Puff Pastry with Chocolate

Chocolate croissants must be one of those guilty buttery pleasures that I enjoy. It's all buttery and chocolatey! How can anyone resist? We decided to make mini versions with store bought puff pastry.
First dust your work surface with some flour so the dough doesn't stick. This dough is already rolled out and cut into squares. But there are puff pastry that come in blocks that require some rolling. You can get them from supermarkets or baking shops. The baking shops in Taman Megah have puff pastry. They're located on the same row as one of our favourite bakeries/cafes La Manila.
Cut cubes of chocolate and put them aside and get some sugar. And don't cut the cubes too big cause the chocolate might spill out. Get ready your egg wash as well.
Cut the pastry into triangles and place the chocolate on the thick side of the triangle. Roll the dough (as shown below) and brush the tip with egg wash so that it sticks. Try to pinch the sides together to prevent the chocolate from melting all over.
Brush the pastry with the egg wash and sprinkle with some brown sugar for that extra shine and caramelization.
Bake them in a 180 degree oven until they're golden brown. And there you have it, chocolate filled pastry. And let them cool before munching into one! You might end up with a burnt lip or tongue from the hot chocolate. And stay tuned cause there's a  savory version coming up on Tummy Thrills ;)

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