Friday, November 18, 2011

Floss Spring Rolls

The days are passing by fast and Chinese New Year is coming! One of our favourite Chinese New Year snacks are the crispy tiny spring rolls filled with either normal pork floss or sometimes a chili kick. Unfortunately, a tiny bottle of these spicy prawn spring rolls are quite expensive and they could disappear in just a few minutes since I love it so much! So, we decided to make some ourselves, using some spicy meat floss from Indonesia.
We used frozen popiah skin which can are easily available in supermarkets. Popiah skins are great to have in your fridge cause you can make almost anything with it like fried wantans (dumplings). Cut them to quarters about 2 1/2 inches wide and get ready some egg wash to seal the spring rolls. The instructions will be in the drawing below.
If you don't understand the instructions above please do drop a comment so we can improve :)
You can put in plain chicken floss or pork floss if you prefer non spicy too!
The spring rolls should end up looking like this! After making these, I finally realized why they're a little expensive at the shops! Anyway, deep fry them for just a few seconds! Do watch them carefully cause they burn easily and once you take them out of the oil they continue cooking and brown a little more.
You can have it plain or as we found out, goes well with some lemon. So add a squeeze of lemon or lime when you're snacking to add a refreshing zing!

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  1. gonna try this recipe probably this weekend! thanks for sharing =D