Sunday, December 18, 2011

Capricciosa, Subang Parade

 Capricciosa is actually founded by a Japanese chef, Masaki Honda after mastering the Italian cuisine in Italy and now Capricciosa has a few branches here in Malaysia. One in Pavilion, Sunway Pyramid and finally, the one we went to, Subang Parade. We each ordered a set lunch which was from only RM 16.90 (depending on your spaghetti) for a house salad, a bottomless F&N drink and a pasta of your choice from the menu, which is a pretty good deal. A lot of restaurants out there right now have a lot of promotions and Capricciosa's not left out in the line of holiday promotions!

Calamari Fritto, RM 12.90.
The calamari Fritto was just mediocre, nothing special. Just squid rings deep fried with herbed batter served to have with a squeeze of lemon or tomato sauce.
Like I mentioned earlier, we each ordered the set lunch so we were each served with a plate of house salad which is basically different types of greens, tomatoes, onions and croutons with a vinaigrette. I'm guessing since it's under the set lunch, there isn't anything great to it but it was pretty good. Dressed enough and fresh. 
House Salad.
Our Special Meat Sauce Spaghetti, RM 18.90.
We decided to all try different types of spaghetti so we could have a little taste of each type. The "Our Special Meat Sauce Spaghetti" was a tomato base spaghetti with a little bit of meat here and there. Should have more meat in my opinion since it says special meat sauce. The sauce was a little sweet compared to others which I'm guessing is cause of Capricciosa's little Japanese background. Japanese food tends to be a little on the sweet side. Nevertheless, it's pretty okay since it's not heavy; a light spaghetti dish.

Carbonara, RM 19.90.
For the carbonara, we ordered Capriciosa's fresh, hand-made pasta which was just an additional RM1. Definitely worth the additional RM1 to change the pasta cause I really liked the texture of the pasta. It was our first trying hand-made pasta and it was smooth and chewy;in a good way. It went really well with the thick, creamy white sauce! I think I enjoyed the carbonara the most, maybe it's cause of the hand-made pasta but I felt the Carbonara was rich enough.
Eggplant and Spinach in Meat Sauce, RM 19.90.
The eggplant and spinach in meat sauce is pretty much the same as the "special meat sauce" spaghetti just with more different textures from the vegetables. It isn't too bad but lacks flavour.
Seafood Spaghetti, RM 24.90.
I was surprised that the seafood spaghetti actually had quite a lot of seafood! Usually, a lot of restaurants cut down on the amount of seafood but not at Capricciosa though. There was quite a lot of mussels, clams, calamari and tuna in the dish and the flavour was pretty good.
 Capricciosa is pretty all right, the staff there were friendly and were ready to serve. However, here's one thing I thought was a bit "off" at Capricciosa. See the picture above, they serve their dishes on top of those plastic plates which really kill the look and feel of the whole restaurant since most of the time those plastic plates are found in mamak's. It would really look more presentable without the plates, but that's just my opinion. The food was average I must say since the tomato based sauces were a little too sweet for our liking. 

All in all, the whole lunch set is pretty reasonable, the salad was alright, the F&N drink was bottomless and service was efficient. Moreover, the portions are a good size that would fill anyone up especially when it goes with the lunch set. If I go back, I'd order the Carbonara with the hand-made pasta! (: If you do try Capricciosa, I really think the hand-made pasta is worth a try!

Capricciosa's website.

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