Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cendol SS15 Subang Jaya

Like we said in one of our previous posts here, one of the best Indian Rojak is in SS15. And every time we have Rojak, it just has to be accompanied with the best cendol in SS15 (as seen in their sign above). Just like the line of people lining up for Rojak, a bee line of people also line up for a bowl of icy cendol especially and hot days. Many even make their orders and then sip on the rich bowl of cendol in the comfort of their car.

Cendol Pulut.
Cendol Pulut is said to be originated from Indonesia and it's a good thing we have it here in Kuala Lumpur too! With a bunch of green, worm like jelly made of rice flour with green colouring swimming around the bowl of cendol, it not only makes the cendol look more 'attractive', but also provides a fun texture to the bowl of dessert along with the black grass jelly, crunchy bits of corn and of course the chewy pulut (glutinous rice). We do recommend eating it there and then as the shaved ice will water down your cendol but it's still pretty darn good either way.
With just enough gula melaka and coconut milk to make the cendol rich and flavourful.
Humble, refreshing bowl of Cendol at SS15.

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