Sunday, February 5, 2012

Barley and Fucuk with Quail Eggs and Gingko nut

On hot days like we're experiencing lately in Malaysia, it's nice to have a cold glass of barley. Barley is known to have quite a few health benefits and Chinese believe that it has a cooling effect on your body. So what's even better than having a cold glass or bowl of barley to cool yourself down with some smooth fucuk, quail eggs and gingko nuts that are great for your health. Then, you'd not only successfully calm your body temperature down but also have a great, healthy dessert with different textures.

You'll need some pearled barley, gingko nuts, beancurd sheets, rock sugar, pandan leaves and quail eggs. The ingredients are usually available at Chinese stalls at the local market. The amount of ingredients should be adjusted to your own preference, just like all the aunties in Malaysia say when cooking, "agak-agak".
Boil a handful of pearled barley in a big pot of water. Add the rock sugar and adjust the sweetness to your liking. Get a few pandan leaves and tear them down the center of the leaves without tearing it all the way. Tie the leaves into a knot which will make it easier to remove after.
This might be a little work but gingko nuts are a valuable addition to your diet so why not. Shell the gingko nuts and get rid of the skin. Add them into the pot immediately as it may take some time to cook.
Hard boil the quail eggs.
Once you've adjusted the sweetness and the barley has plumped up, add the beancurd skin and the hard boiled quail eggs into the barley. Boil through till the beancurd has softened.
You may serve it hot or cold. Hot on a sunny day and cold for a rainy day. A nutritious dessert that'll give you the energy you need.

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