Sunday, March 11, 2012

Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee

 Before we left for Australia, this was definitely on our must eat food(s) before we leave! Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee. Ah, dried chilly pan mee. Burst the poached egg and mix all the condiments together (of course who can forget the extra spicy chilly!) with the noodles. Served with a bowl of potato leaves soup..heaven. Not just any regular chilly pan mee you'd get in hawker stalls, the Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee is definitely the best I've ever had. Introduced by friends in highschool, we loved it instantly! And I've never heard anyone mention that they don't like the Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee!

What may look like a simple dish has become a favourite of many, definitely one of our favourite foods. All the textures, crispy from the ikan bilis and fried garlic bits, springy noodles, minced pork, spicy chilli that makes your mouth water and the egg to hold it all together. Looking at these pictures is making my mouth water already! Really, this is a craving, they should open one here in Melbourne! Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee has a few branches around Kuala Lumpur, and though usually we go to the Kota Damansara branch, this time we went to the USJ 9 branch. They have their usual yellow sign as seen here.
Super spicy chilly, but so good!
Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee has also set up their own website and what I find so cute is that they actually give you instructions on how to eat their chilly pan mee; it was also plastered on a wall in the restaurant. Click here to read! Even if you don't eat much chilly, the chilly pan mee is still delicious on its own (Yenn can tell you that).
 This round we each ordered our usual dry pan mee which is served with a bowl of potato leaves soup; also very tasty. Had fried pork slices with a plate of choi sam.
 Hong Kong Baby Choi Sam.
For some reason, their Choi Sam is always soft and sweet, I could really eat a whole plate myself, I kid you not. It's cooked perfectly and sprinkled with some fried garlic and some oil.
 Fried pork slices.

If I were you, I'd go to the nearest Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee to have a bowl of pan mee right now! They've also opened a new outlet at SS15.

For more information, click here!

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