Friday, March 9, 2012

Thai Thai

Thai Thai has been one of our go to Thai restaurants (which I'm sure you've noticed) when we want to satisfy our cravings for Thai food. It's in a good location, at Sunway Pyramid with a warm and inviting atmosphere, simple but interesting deco and well of course, the food is great. We haven't found any other Thai restaurant that is actually on par with this one. Here are some visuals since we've blogged about Thai Thai before.
Steamed fish with lime and chilli. A must order.
Fish cakes.
Seafood Tom Yam soup. A must when having thai food.
The juicy pandan chicken with sweet chilli sauce. The chicken is very moist and it goes really well with the sweet chili sauce. 
Green Curry.
Beef stir fry with thai basil and chili.
Red Curry.
Ped Ron which is crispy fried duck.
Mieng Kam. The first time we've ever tried this dish was when our dad brought some back when he went to Thailand. There's betel nut leaves, cubed limes with the rind on it, ginger, peanuts, chili, red onion, dried shrimp, shredded coconut and a sauce that goes with it, which if I'm not mistaken has a tamarind base. The way to eat is is by putting the sauce onto the leaves and putting the condiments onto it. It's basically like rolling it into a popiah and just munching on it. The flavours go very well together with it being fragrant and is definitely one of my favourite starters.

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