Friday, May 11, 2012

Yut Kee Restaurant

This is a little corner on Jalan Dang Wangi where time stands still. It's a place my grandparents used to have their lunch back in the days and sixty or seventy over years later, the little restaurant/Hainanese coffeeshop Yut Kee, still remains the same. Rustic with authentic old memorabilia, framed newspaper cuttings about the restaurant hung on the walls, warm and bustling with people constantly entering this little space. Serving simple but good western food Chinese style at a reasonable price, there's always a line of people waiting for a seat (so always go early!). Also, run by the third generation of the family, the jolly owner is always seen constantly walking around getting a seat for customers which really adds up to the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Besides the restaurant with years of great business, Yut Kee is famous for several dishes such as their roti babi (deep fried loaf filled with pork and caramelized onions), pork/chicken/lamb chops, their homemade kaya and their oh so good and moist marble cake and swiss roll! Their chinese style noodles are also good, especially with that sambal(chilli) they serve! Going to Yut Kee with the family is always something I look forward to on a Sunday afternoon (:

Roti Babi.
Greasy greasy goodness. So if you're not too fond of oily food, maybe this famous roti babi isn't exactly your cup of tea, but everyone should try it anyway!
Pork Chop.
Lum Mee.
Lamb steak.
The portions might look small, but they're pretty reasonable for a simple good meal.
Toong Fun.
Roast pork served with apple sauce.
Although the portion is relatively small, the crispy skin and juicy centre would make you
Marble cake.

Yut Kee Restaurant,
35,Jalan Dang Wangi,
50100 Kuala Lumpur.
Business hour: 8 am- 5 pm.
(Monday off)


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