Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mister Close

Waffle On. Corn and chive waffles with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and avocado mayo.
The GFF. Poached Eggs with potato rosti, bacon and a roasted tomato and rocket salad.

Mister Close is located on one of the busiest streets in Melbourne's CBD, Bourke Street. It's definitely a cafe that is worth the visit. With a wide selection of food that's reasonably priced, you'd be sure to find something that you fancy. Plus, they have a menu that changes daily as well to keep things exciting.

I had this cafe on my list of places to try and has always been in the back of my mind. We made a spontaneous trip there when our plans turned sour and based on my visit, I would definitely recommend the Waffle On. I saw another customer having it and I immediately said to myself "That's what I'm having!" And I was not disappointed. I had a choice between the salmon or honey roasted ham to go with the savoury waffles. The scrambled eggs were perfect and the salmon went perfectly with the waffles.

As a person who enjoys cheese, I rather enjoyed The GFF as the dish was laced with parmesan. The salad was very robust but the poached eggs cut the sharp parmesan well. But I wouldn't recommend it if you're not fond of cheese.

Overall, my visit was very pleasant and I would definitely make another trip there! I think it might even be one of my new favourite brunch places.

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