Saturday, May 3, 2014

Operator 25

Balinese marinated pulled pork on a brioche with sweet potato wedges. 
Pressed Lamb Shoulder and Belly.
House Benedict with extra hash brown.
Veal Osso Buco.
Operator 25 is a gem hidden in a heritage building on Wills Street. When you first step in you are greeted by the friendly staff and a display of pastries. At Operator 25, the café layout is very spacious with sparse seating arrangements. In our opinion, it is rather refreshing compared to cafés which are too crowded and suffocating, as if some one is breathing down your neck, making it a little difficult to enjoy your meal.

We've been here several times and each time, the food does not disappoint. Dishes are always beautifully plated on organic looking plates and is nothing short of delicious. Another reason why I go to Operator 25 is their sweet potato wedges. They are to die for! The perfect crisp on the outside and tender sweet potato on the inside makes a trip there oh so worth it. (I'm salivating right now..) Dishes worth trying are the Pressed Lamb Shoulder and Belly or the Veal Osso Buco when available as it was a special of the day. Ah, I still recall the tenderness of the veal and even the mash potato was silky too.

Have a look at their website if you need anymore persuading!

Operator 25
Wills Street, Melbourne CBD.

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